Putting on PJs to Fight Tooth Decay

Pajama Party Celebrates Ideas that Have Made Dental Care Accessible for More Children.

January 25, 2017, New Orleans, LA – Today, jammies were the uniform of choice in the battle to end childhood cavities as dozens of children enjoyed a pajama party at LSU Health New Orleans After-Hours Pediatric Dental Clinic to celebrate the ability to go to the dentist.

The pajama party drew attention to the need for early dental care and recognizes two concepts – the Dental Home and after-hours pediatric dental care-that make it possible for more children, regardless of their financial means, to receive early and ongoing dental care. Read more.


patient story edith velarde


When Edith V. learned that her children needed physical exams required by their school, she had no idea where to turn – especially without access to health insurance. This mother of four – Juan (18), Marisol (15), Edith (11) and Manual (10) – never expected to be able to provide each of them with health care and dental care without spending money she didn’t have.

One afternoon, her oldest son, Juan, brought a brochure home from school that contained information about the St. Vincent de Paul Clinic. Today – 12 years after her first visit there in 2004 – she has been able to ensure her children have proper physical exams in addition to dental care like braces, and even other health services.

“I don’t want to even think about what I would have done if I didn’t have access to the clinic,” said Edith. “My children wouldn’t have had the luxury of having beautiful smiles had it not been for everything they’ve done for us.”

For Edith’s daughter Marisol, the clinic paid for an entire dental surgery in order to transform Marisol’s smile – something she absolutely would not have been able to afford otherwise. Edith understood that regular orthodontics would be taken care of at the clinic, but she was surprised to learn the entire surgery had been free, including x-rays.

Edith’s son Juan even received a skincare consultation after using a topical acne treatment that aggravated his skin. Once the clinic confirmed the lotion was giving him a rash, they helped him find a better solution.

“The clinic has helped me and my family in ways I wouldn’t have been able to imagine,” Edith continued. “I never thought something like this was out there. I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done for my kids and their smiles.”